Update: AlleyTrak v1.2.14
Posted on 2017-05-17

AlleyTrak version 1.2.14 launches today with are most comprehensive set of updates to date! Version 1.2.14 includes updates to our PayPal API integration, extended access to the AlleyTrak administrative panel, a new Reservation Income Data Download function, the launch of Reservation Quick Books and several bug patches.

New Feature: Reservation Quick Book

We've created a new way to create reservations in the AlleyTrak administrative panel. Quick Book reservations are intended for walk-ins where payment processing is handled through a POS system. After the transaction has been completed, simply add the reservation to AlleyTrak to ensure that other potential guests don't overbook this newly created event. We've removed some of the standard form fields to simplify and streamline the process for easy lane management.

New Feature: Data Export: Reservation Income Data Download

We are extremely excited to launch a new addition to our Data Export functions. Our newly created Reservation Income Data Download will allow you to export a customized spreadsheet with vital recordkeeping information for your bowling alley. Easily keep tabs on income from your reservations and find ways to improve and simplify your bowling alleys lane management system.

Updated Feature: PayPal API

We've made an important change to the way PayPal API's are handled within the AlleyTrak system. PayPal API's are now managed from within the locations view/manager. This allows for you to use a different PayPal account for each individual location. Keep your reservation income separated and easy to see how one location is doing compared to another.

Of course you can use the same PayPal API key for multiple locations, but we've added this flexibility to greater serve larger multi-chain bowling alleys.

New Feature: Extended access to AlleyTrak administrative panel

We have received several requests to make enhancements to the time with which administrators have access to the administrative panel. Prior to v1.2.14 administrators were only given access for 30 minutes, however new to version 1.2.14 we have implemented a cookie based system which will allow for sessions to extend much longer allowing for staff to easily pick up where they left off when they return to the AlleyTrak administrative panel.

Other Patches

Beta Patch: An error pertaining to the “Location” and “Guest Bowling” dropdowns impacting android mobile devices. Patch is in development and should be ready prior to v1.3.15

User Access Levels patch pertaining to Reservation Editors and their ability to view specific content in the administrative panel

Reservation Blocks update impacting specific reservation blocks

Updated Reservation Block documentation

Patch for the save function when adding new reservations through administrative panel

If you have any questions about these updates or would like to learn more about AlleyTrak, please reach out to us at