Update: AlleyTrak v5.70.0
Posted on 2023-07-16

AlleyTrak version 5.70.0 Introduces Kiosk Mode and Enhancements to Add-on Lanes!

Kiosk Mode

We're so excited for the initial launch of Kiosk Mode in AlleyTrak. With Kiosk Mode, you can bring the AlleyTrak booking engine into your center and allow your customers to reserve their space in real time. 

With the launch of Kiosk Mode, we've added:
  • The ability to accept real-time reservations when in Kiosk mode, even if you have “Same Day Reservations” disabled or if you have a “Reservation Buffer” in effect for online bookings.

  • The ability to “Start Over” after a customer completes their booking.

  • Enhanced data cleaning, to remove event, customer, and payment details if the customer abandons their booking after a few minutes.

We plan to add new features and functionalities based on your feedback!

Add-on Lanes Enhancements

We've added a new variable title “Minimum Guests Per Lane”. This setting works with the recently added setting to sync “Guests Participating” when customers increase the number of lanes they would like to reserve.

A great use-case for this is when reserving volleyball courts. You might need a minimum of 4 guests to reserve the court. If the customer decided they wanted to reserve 2 courts, AlleyTrak would require that their Guest Participating set to 8.