Update: AlleyTrak v5.15.0
Posted on 2021-10-31

AlleyTrak version 5.15 introduces a Mailchimp Integration 

New to AlleyTrak is a Mailchimp integration that aims to simplify your efforts with customer re-engagement. When enabled, the Mailchimp integration will automatically send over customer contact information from AlleyTrak and add the user to your audience/list. This will eliminate the need for you to export users from AlleyTrak and import them into Mailchimp. In addition, you could look to build out automated emails that are triggered x days after the user is added to the audience. This can be used with great success for business reviews or promoting upcoming events to your guests.

This new Mailchimp integration introduces a new control during the customer checkout process. Moving forward customers will have the ability to opt into receiving promotional and special event information. When leveraging the Mailchimp integration, users who opt into receiving promotional information will be automatically added into your Mailchimp contact list.

Other Notable Changes

  • We've implemented a new alternate icon for addons depending on the definition you are using.¬†

  • We've implemented a small adjustment to refine how packages calculate order totals based on the scaling factors like guest-count, lane-count, and extended durations.

  • We've added a new Reservation Block repeater control every 4 weeks.

  • We've implemented an adjustment to the customer visual presentation for Grid-View. Moving forward past time for the current day will no longer be displayed for the end-user. This should provide a more streamlined and simplified checkout process for the customers, especially those looking to book later in the day.

  • Resolved an issue with the Add to Google Calendar link in email confirmations