Update: AlleyTrak v4.6.0
Posted on 2019-08-11

New Square Payment Gateway

We're excited to add a 3rd payment gateway to AlleyTrak, which will provide more options for centers when boarding and configuring their account. Accepting payments with Square is very similar to PayPal.

One great feature with choosing Square as a payment gateway is that you can have a single payment gateway management system, where all transactional data can feed into a centralized payment gateway system with all of your in-center and online transactional data in one easy to use management system. So if you are using Square Terminal in your center, choosing Square as a payment gateway may be a perfect fit.

Updated Order Reminder Emails

We've updated our Order Reminder system to have a new look and feel and it also comes with a few new user controls from the administrative panel. Here you can now include a custom message that will be sent out as part of the automated email. Here you can include information like terms-of-use, a link to your menu, safety wavers and more.

Revamped Order Calculation Code

While working on the Square integration we recorded our order calculation code to be more streamlined and manageable in the future. This is particularly useful as we look to add more payment gateway options and customizations to orders in the future.