Update: AlleyTrak v3.1.0
Posted on 2019-04-14

AlleyTrak version 3.1.0 brings big changes to reservation durations and two new controls: deposit pricing and equipment rentals.

Reservation Durations

We're continually refining and enhancing the flexibility built into AlleyTrak to allow centers to customize the way their center takes and books reservations.

With the updated Reservation Durations, centers can configure minimums and maximums for a reservation length, and this works seamlessly with the time increment settings. Reservation Minimums range from a quarter-hour up to two-hours and maximums range from a quarter-hour to an unlimited length of time.

Deposit Pricing

One great new feature we are excited to add is the option for centers to take deposits at the time of order checkout. A deposit is a fixed rate that all customers will be charged regardless of their order specifications. Deposits are a great way to have customers prepay for their event to ensure occupancy while also leaving remaining balances to be paid at the time of the event.

In our mind there are 2 reasons a center might choose to use Deposits.

  1. Your in-house point-of-sale system has a lower credit-card processing fee, and you can look to save money this way. Note: Check out our integration with for very competitive processing fees.
  2. Your center assumes there may be extra costs not accounted for, like equipment rentals.

When a center has Deposits enabled, the customer will be charged that rate at the time of checkout. We will maintain a record of the deposit amount and order total, and provide these details to staff in the reservation detail view.

Equipment Rentals

Allow customers to purchase add-ons from within their checkout experience with Equipment Rentals. Administrators have the option to enable Equipment Rentals, configure a name, and price per each, all from within the Locations manager within AlleyTrak.

Equipment Rentals are tracked as a separate line item in the order total and information about pricing and quantity are included in the reservation detail view.