Update: AlleyTrak v4.14.0
Posted on 2020-02-16

Recording Outside Transactions

Depending on the payment gateway you are using with AlleyTrak and your Point-of-Sale system, it can often be beneficial to process transactions with your PoS system. However it can be useful to record the transactions in AlleyTrak to ensure that orders are being marked as fully paid.

The new Record Transaction function easily allows staff members to finalize an order and mark that it has been paid. From the user interface staff members can select the payment method, record the amount paid, and add any additional notes.

By default, the Record Transaction view will load with the balance due based on the order details. However the staff member will have the ability to change the amount recorded, in the event of discounts or order add-ons at the time of the final payment.

One a transaction has been recorded, we will send out an email to the staff administrator letting them know about the finalized order. It's important to note that AlleyTrak is not a substitute for accounting software and this feature is to help you more reliably match up transactions from your PoS system and the online payment gateway (, Stripe, Square, or PayPal) you are using.

To access the Record Transaction control, navigate to the Reservation QuickView, found on either the Reservation Dashboard, or View All page.