Update: AlleyTrak v4.23.0
Posted on 2020-07-05

Remaining Balance and Order Status Definition Updates

We've tweaked the display labels we use for reservations to more clearly show if an order has a remaining balance due at the time of check-in. You should now find that the labels are more descriptive to indicate if the customer has made any form of payment (paid, deposit, or unpaid), and if any remaining balance is due.

Block After Unique Colors

We've tweaked the Block After functionality to now display in the Dashboard view as well as the add/edit Reservation view. This should help provide more consistency when attempting to identify lane availability.

In addition we're adding a unique color overlay for all Block Afters to provide additional clarity on when the reservation is truly set to start and end. This new unique color system darkens the Block Afters to keep them identifiable while not distracting from the original reservation time-slot so you can easily group them up with the reservation. 

Block After Override

We've added in a new control when adding/editing reservations to allow the user to temporarily remove all Block After's. This will allow the administrator the ability to squeeze in a reservation if they deem it necessary.

The new Override Block After control is located in the top-right of the add/edit view, next to the Override Blocks control. The ability to use the Override Block After control is limited to Administrator user roles only.

Lowering Required Lanes in Admin Edit Reservation

We're lifting a restriction in the Edit Reservation view that would prevent the number of Required Lanes from decreasing on existing orders. Initially this control would insure that if an administrator was editing an order, a customer would still receive the same number of lanes that they would have originally made their reservation for. This however can be a bit limiting for administrators and there could be instances where the number of lanes could or should be reduced. By lifting this functionality, administrators will now have the ability to reduce the number of lanes required for the specific reservation.

Real-Time Administrative Notifications

We're extending the recently added real-time administrative notification for new orders. If a new reservation is booked for the day you are currently viewing in the Reservation Dashboard, we will automatically reload the view for a more seamless and up-to-date viewing experience.