Update: AlleyTrak 4.18.0
Posted on 2020-05-17

Payment Types

We are implementing two new conditional controls for recording payment types in the AlleyTrak admin panel when creating new reservations.

When an order is being entered and a payment is being recorded the orders Paid status will be selected and the user will now see a new Payment Method control for selecting the payment type. From these controls a user can select any of the following: AlleyTrak (Credit/Debit Card), Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card and Gift Card/Certificate.

Once you select any option other than AlleyTrak (Credit/Debit Card), an additional Payment Notes control will display where users can enter any additional information that may be helpful for managing the reservation and payment tracking.

These order details have been updated to be included in the Quick-View and administrator Order Confirmation email. 

As a note, if you have Deposits enabled for your location you should still mark an order as Paid if the customer is only paying the deposit at the time you are entering the order. The Deposit Total is the value marked as being paid and any remaining balance from the Order Total will be deducted and visible in the order details and Quick-View.