Update: AlleyTrak v5.11.0
Posted on 2021-10-17

AlleyTrak version 5.11 introduces Block Exclusions

New to Reservation Blocks is Block Exclusions. Block Exclusions will allow you to more easily manage Reservation Blocks that repeat over a period of time, typically weeks. A good example is for a league event that might take place for months. In some cases leagues will not take place a specific week due to holidays. With the Block Exclusion control you can now open up the lanes for reservations during the days/times when the league will be on break.

We've also implemented a few adjustments pertaining to:

  • Resolving a conflict when editing a reservation that does not have the minimum number of required lanes
  • Resolving a conflict with Required Package within the Form-View checkout experience
  • Resolving a conflict with Package Add-ons min/max quantity selectors