Update: AlleyTrak v5.74.0
Posted on 2023-08-13

AlleyTrak version 5.74.0 Introduces New Drag-and-Drop Capabilities, Per-Game Pricing for Packages, and Grid Guide Enhancements 

New Drag-and-Drop Capabilities

We're very excited to add new drag-and-drop functionality within the AlleyTrak admin panel to streamline the process of reassigning lanes within the AlleyTrak admin panel. To engage with the drag-and-drop, simply click on any existing reservation and hold down your mouse.

Currently the drag-and-drop functionality is limited to one lane movement at a time. In the future we are going to explore adding bulk lane reassignment. 

Per-Game Pricing for Packages

We've added a new package pricing option, per-game. Previously the per-game pricing structure was only available for Open Play bookings. Now you can create any number of packages that offer this per-game pricing structure, allowing you more ways to offer events through AlleyTrak.

Similar to Open Play configurations, with the per-game pricing structure for packages you have the ability to configure the minimum and maximum number of games players can purchase in the package, as well as define the average time to complete a game.

Grid Guide Enhancements

We've modified the Grid Guide control to now work for both Form View and Grid View. The Grid Guide can be extremely helpful in a number of ways, enabling you to provide additional relevant information to your customers while they are in the booking workflow.