Update: AlleyTrak v5.26.0
Posted on 2022-03-27

AlleyTrak version 5.26.0 introduces Granular Sales Tax Calculations and Package Equipment Rental Price Overrides

Granular Sales Tax Calculations
New to AlleyTrak is the ability to modify your sales tax rate based on the type of products you are selling.  You now have the ability to charge custom tax rates based on:

  • Booking (ie. use of lane, room, space, bay)
  • Equipment Rentals (ie. shoes, and clubs)
  • Order Add-ons
  • Package Add-ons

Order and Package add-ons can have a custom tax rate per add-on, giving you maximum flexibility when creating and configuring your various add-ons.

Package Equipment Rental Price Overrides
While you may normally charge for equipment rentals for “open play” type reservations, there may be some instances where you offer equipment rentals like shoes as part of an all-included package.

We've implemented a new control at the package level, which allows you to configure a custom Equipment Rental Rate. This rate can be configured on a per-package basis so you can offer some pages where you charge your normal equipment rental rate, and others where the rate may be modified. With these new controls you can charge higher or lower rates, or no rate altogether for package equipment rentals.

Again this control works at the package level, so you could configure an example like the following with a mixture of open play and package reservations, all with different rates for equipment rentals.

  • “Open play” reservations, shoe rentals at $2.50 each.
  • “Cosmic Bowling” package, shoe rentals at $2.75 each.
  • “Birthday Party” package, shoe rentals included at $0.00 each.