Update: AlleyTrak v5.83.0
Posted on 2023-11-19

AlleyTrak version 5.83.0 Includes Updates to our ActiveDemand Integration, and New Date Exclusions for Add-ons

Date Exclusions for Add-ons

We've added the ability to create date exclusions for your general/global add-ons, that are typically available for all event types. This new mechanism will enable you to determine specific dates of the year where you do not want to offer these add-ons for purchase.

ActiveDemand Integration Update

We've added new logic to our ActiveDemand integration which will now update three predefined custom fields within your ActiveDemand User Profiles. These custom fields, listed below, will automatically update as users book new events, with the goal of you being able to leverage these custom fields to utilize automation workflows.

Custom Fields Overview:


This property will contain the event date for the most recently created booking. You can utilize this property to send out thank-you type emails, requests for reviews, or to re-engage with customers after a period of time.


This property is intended to help you identify and market to your regular customers. 


This property will help you identify users by the total amount they have spent for online reservations over time.