Update: AlleyTrak v5.49.0
Posted on 2023-01-08

AlleyTrak version 5.49.0 Introduces a Reservation Import Tool for Qubica, Enhancements to Customer Notifications, QR Codes, Reporting Enhancements, and more!

Qubica Import Tool (beta)

We've implemented a new tool to generate a file which you can use to easily import reservations into your in-center lane management system.  This functionality is currently in a pilot beta mode (contact us for access). Once we've validated the tool, we will make it easily available for all centers (at no additional cost).

In the future we'd like to offer similar import tools for other in-center lane management systems. Contact us regarding your center's needs and we'd be happy to discuss more. 

Enhancements to Customer Notifications

We've added new functionality to the “Order Notes” management system. Now when you edit customer notes from the Reservation Dashboard, or Reservation Quick-View, you can optionally send a new email to the customer.

This email will include any newly added customer notes and all of the order details for the event. 

New QR Codes / Quick-Links

We've added the ability for you to have a QR code included in both the administrative and customer email notifications. When clicking or scanning this QR code, you will be linked to the AlleyTrak admin panel and the scanned order will be pulled up automatically.

This tool can help you easily work with reservations on a day-to-day basis and streamline the check-in process for your customers.

QR Codes are enabled by default, but all existing centers will have this setting disabled initially. You can opt-in to include QR codes in your emails by enabling the setting in Locations > Manage Locations.

Reporting Enhancements: Cancellations

We've added a new control to the on-demand reporting tool. You can now generate custom reports for either Confirmed orders, or Canceled/Deleted orders. 

Additional Feature Updates

  1. We've added a new archival process for “Custom Hours” and “Reservation Blocks” management pages. You will now only see current and upcoming custom hours or blocks by default. You can view previous Custom Hours by clicking the link “Show Previous” at the top-right of the page. 

  2. We've updated the “Pay at Center” button to have a new color, green. This button was previously gray and feedback from centers indicated that some customers believe that button to be disabled. This color shift should provide a more visible call-to-action.

  3. We've resolved a bug impacting the “Add to Google Calendar” link found in confirmation and notification emails. 

  4. We've resolved a bug causing Reservation Blocks with a similar start and end date from counting twice in the “Calendar View”.