Update: AlleyTrak v5.56.0
Posted on 2023-02-26

AlleyTrak version 5.56.0 Introduces Enhancements to Promo/Discount Codes, Business Day Booking Requirements, and Enhancements to the Customer Checkout Experience.

Enhancements to Promo/Discount Codes

We've added new logic to Promo/Discount Codes to help you more easily control what type of events your discount codes are valid for. With this update, you can now specify if the promo code should be valid for any and all events, or you can select specific events the code will only be valid for.

When selecting specific events, you can pick any number of locations/activities for open-play type bookings, and any of your package type events where a code should be valid.

This allows for more unique codes, like birthday party discount codes, or maybe an early-bird special for your New Year's Eve event bookings.

Business Day Booking Requirements

We've added new logic to Package Availability, which will allow you to determine if the number of days in advance that a customer should book an event, should count Saturday or Sunday as a valid date.

Example Use Case:

Let's say you want your birthday parties booked 3 business days in advance. With this setting enabled, if a customer was trying to book an event on a Friday afternoon, the earliest date they would be able to book a birthday party would be for the upcoming Thursday. Even if the customer waited until Monday morning, the earliest day they would be able to book for would be Thursday.

This control will help give your event coordinators the appropriate amount of time to review, approve and organize event details. 

Customer Checkout Experience

We've added a new Cancellation Confirmation Message control in the Page Content settings, which will allow you to define and display a custom cancellation message to your customers.