Update: AlleyTrak v4.24.0
Posted on 2020-07-12

New Dynamic Pricing Control: Start-Time Pricing

We've added a new control to dynamic pricing which allows you to control to what extent we use dynamic price points to calculate order totals. By default AlleyTrak will allow for a unique price point for each time increment.

For example, a reservation that is from 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM would be 4 time increments when using the half-hour time increment setting. In this example you could have a different price point for 3:00, 3:30, 4:00, 4:30.

Example price structure:
3:00: $5.00
3:30: $5.00
4:00: $6.00
4:30: $6.00

In this example, the order total for this reservation would be: $22.00.

The new control Start-Time Pricing, allows AlleyTrak to only take the first price into consideration when calculating the order total. When enabled, the above example would instead calculate an order total of $22.00 because AlleyTrak would use the first identified price point of $5.00 for all time increments.

Order Cancellation Notifications

We've added more order information into the Order Cancellation Notification email that is sent out to the system administrator. This should help you more easily identify the order when going to your payment gateway (Authorize.Net, Stripe, Square, or PayPal) to issue any appropriate refund.

Temporary Order Removal Controls

We've added new controls in the Reservation Dashboard to allow administrators the ability to remove temporary orders. There are a few niche situations where an administrator may need or want to remove a temporary order, but in general you should tread lightly when removing temporary orders due to double-booked reservation concerns.

Editing Existing Reservations Adjustments

We've enabled the ability for Order Total and Deposit Totals to auto-calculate for reservations that administrators are editing. In addition we've added in two new labels which show the orders original Order Total and Deposit Total when editing an order.

For orders where a Price Override has taken place, we will not auto-calculate the Order Total or Deposit Total and any adjustments to either the Order Total or Deposit Total will require a new override with manual key-in. We've added a new dialog to help clarify this for users when the Order Total or Deposit Total is not being automatically calculated by AlleyTrak.

Other Small Adjustments

Payment Gateway Credential Validation:
We've added additional validation in determining if we will render a specific payment gateway at the time of checkout. This will help ensure that you have all of the required information for a successful transaction. Note: this will not validate your specific API credentials, but more so the presence of all of the required API credentials per your selected payment gateway.

Price Format Code Enhancements:
We've improved our Price Formatting code to be slightly more efficient and future-proof.

Auto-fill Validation Improvements:
We've added new auto-fill detection for the Order Checkout page to accept browsers that auto-fill user contact information.