Update: AlleyTrak v4.19.0
Posted on 2020-05-24

Deposit Rounding

New to Deposit Pricing is the ability to enable rounding limits. If your center leverages a deposit pricing module for customer reservations and you enable a percentage based pricing structure, normally deposits would be rounded to the nearest cent. However we are adding a new control to allow for deposits to be set to round to the nearest whole dollar. This is especially useful if you prefer to operate only in whole dollars in-center and would like to insure whole-dollar remaining balances at the time of check-in.

Deposit Type Status Labels

In various locations in the administrative panel, we have labels that help explain the status of a particular order. We are updating our naming convention to help clarify when an order that was originally paid for as a deposit has been completely paid for. Now orders that were a deposit have a recorded balance of $0.00 we will update the status to Paid.

Administrative Convenience Fees

New to the AlleyTrak administrative panel is the ability to disable convenience fees when entering orders. When disabled a convenience fee will not be charged whenever an administrator creates an order in the AlleyTrak admin panel. The new control, titled “Disable Convenience Fees in Admin Panel”, can be enabled in the Application Settings view of AlleyTrak. 

Block-After Functionality Bug Fix

We've identified and resolved a small bug with the Block-After API to ensure reservations are receiving the correct lane blocking after a reservation.