Update: AlleyTrak v4.22.0
Posted on 2020-06-28

Lane Selection and Validation Overhaul

We've completely reworked the lane selection and validation code in AlleyTrak for some much needed improvements. The core functionality will remain the same, however there are a few notable changes.

  • Reservations moving forward must be for a continuous time, i.e. no split reservations.

  • Because split reservations are no longer supported, if a user deselects a time slot that would cause a split reservation we automatically clear/deselect that entire lane selection.

With these updates we are able to continue to extend the lane selection functionality. In the future we plan to add a new control for selecting minimum reservation “additions”. For example, while your center may operate in half-hour time increments you may want reservations to only be booked for 1-hour, 2-hour, and 3-hour reservations.

Day Specific Dynamic Pricing

We've added in a new control to allow for you to set a dynamic price for a specific date. Previously you could only set a dynamic price for days (all Mondays, or all Fridays for example). With the new control you can now specify a specific date you would like to create a new price rule for. 

One example might be for New Year's Eve, where specifically on this day you would like to create dynamic prices 

Improved Administrative Notifications

We're adding new real-time notifications in the AlleyTrak administrative panel to notify admins when a new reservation has been booked. This new feature will display a small pop-up dialog when a new reservation has been booked by a customer.

Bugfix: Dynamic Pricing

We've identified and resolved a bug that would allow dynamic prices to show even if the center had dynamic prices disabled for their location.