Update: AlleyTrak v5.72.0
Posted on 2023-07-30

AlleyTrak version 5.72.0 Introduces New Package Pricing Options and Admin Panel Enhancements!

Add-on Package Pricing Option

This week we've added the ability to charge variable rates for add-on lanes and time for packages using the “Base Rate” pricing structure. Here is an example:

You want to offer a package with a starting rate of $125.00 for one lane for one hour, but offer additional lanes at only $75.00 per lane per hour. Normally, pricing scaling would charge an additional $125.00 for a second lane. With the new Price Scaling setting, you can configure a second rate that is charged for all additional lanes and additional time. What would have normally been $250.00 for two lanes, could now be $200.00 for two lanes for one hour. 

Admin Panel Enhancements

We've added a handful of new enhancements to the admin panel.

  1. Clicking on an Order ID from the Booking Questions Report page will now open the full order details.

  2. Clicking on an Order ID from the Addons Report will now open the full order details.

  3. The Reservation Block Details pop-up that is visible on the Dashboard and Calendar View now has a button that allows you to easily go in and edit that block.

  4. The AlleyTrak menu will now automatically close when clicking a link in the main menu when viewing the AlleyTrak admin panel on a tablet or mobile device (any device smaller than 1,170 pixels).