Update: AlleyTrak v5.21.0
Posted on 2022-01-23

AlleyTrak version 5.21 introduces Custom Lane Numbering, Package Future Booking Controls, Direct Links to Packages, and Same Day Reservation Cut-off Times.

In this week's update we are adding 4 new pieces of functionality based on customer requests.

Custom Lane Numbering
You now have the ability to determine the starting number for your lanes, rooms, bays, suites, etc. This new control will allow you to better manage split-house type reservations where part of the facility is geared for specific events and other parts for other types of events.

Package Future Booking Controls
You now have the ability to require specific packages to be booked a specific number of days in advance. By default packages will be available for same-day purchase (if you have same-day reservations enabled), but you can now set a number of days in advance customers must book that package.

Direct Link to Packages
While this functionality has been available for some time, we are making this feature more easily available to use. When using a direct link to a package, that specific package will be pre-selected for a customer when they start the booking process. This is useful when promoting special events and or linking to the booking system from your website where you describe various packages you offer.

Same Day Reservation Cut-off Times
This new control will allow you to determine a time of day when you no longer wish to allow same-day reservations. An example of this in use may be that you don't want to accept online reservations after 6:00 PM. If customers are on your booking page after that time, and they are trying to book for the current day, they will be greeted with a message informing them that your center is not accepting new online reservations for the day and that they should contact you or visit you in the center regarding availability.