Update: AlleyTrak v5.38.0
Posted on 2022-10-02

AlleyTrak version 5.38.0 Introduces Enhancements to the Customer Checkout Experience

Loading an Initial Package if a Package is Required:

We've built in new logic to automatically pre-select a package for customers if your location/activity is configured to require a package for a booking. This feature works out of the box without any additional configuration and will pre-select the first available package for the current date. It's worth noting that if no package is available for the current day, no package will be selected.

Enhancements to User Prompts/Notifications:

Throughout the checkout experience we provide prompts and notifications to the customer to help them book their event. We've added new controls to indicate to the customer how much longer each prompt will be displayed for along with the ability for the customer to click and dismiss the prompt..

Package Titles to Select a Package:

We've updated the package titles from the package listings to now serve as a clickable action which will select the package when clicked.