Update: AlleyTrak v4.5.5
Posted on 2019-07-14

AlleyTrak version 4.5.5 comes with a series of updates to existing features in addition to a handful of new features.

New Features

  • Custom Message Field before Grid-View
  • Added Display Order sorting for Party Packages
  • Added Display Order sorting for Concessions
  • Added new message to display when a center is closed on a specific selected day

System Updates

  • Updated Location/Activity Definition in the Party Packages view
  • Added “View Details” control from within the Reservation List view
  • Added Order Total to Specifications column in Reservation List view
  • Added Deposit Tracking and Calculations to order details
  • Updated Order Total calculations when using Per-Guest pricing format
  • Updated bug with Order Total calculations when in admin view for centers using Per-Guest pricing format
  • Reinstated Concessions when in Edit Reservation view
  • Updated remaining balance calculations for orders when deposits are enabled for the account, but the customer elected to “pay at center”